Upcoming Book Club Author Chats

Tuesday August 13th at 4:30pm:

Down by the Riverside with Judy Granger. This segment of Finding Maine’s Early Abolitionists focuses on some of these early abolitionists, and what might have drawn them to continue to be involved in Maine’s early anti-slavery movement at both the local and national level.

Thursday, June 27th at 6:00pm:

Kate McBrien

Revisiting Malaga. Our March Book Club Choice was This Other Eden by Paul Harding. Our guest speaker will be Maine State Archivist Kate McBrien with more factual information on what really happened on Malaga Island, Maine.

Kate McBrien currently serves as Maine State Archivist, overseeing Maine State Government’s archives and records management programs. As curator of the award winning exhibition “Malaga Island, Fragmented Lives”, Kate is also an historian for the Malaga Island community. She previously held positions as Chief Curator and Director of Public Engagement at the Maine Historical Society and as the Curator of Historic Collections for The Maine State Museum.

Malaga Island Program by Kate McBrien

Thursday May 30th at 6:00pm:

Patricia O'Donnell

Wilton Author Patricia O’Donnell will join us as we discuss her book The Vigilance of Stars.

The Vigilance of Stars

The Vigilance of Stars, a novel set in Portland and on a lake in central Maine, was chosen by Lily King to be one of two books read by participants in the Maine Humanities Council’s “Read ME” summer program.”

“A literary treat” that will “resonate with readers long after the telling.” (Maine Sunday Telegram)

Patricia will also be promoting her new book A Symmetry Of Husbands, nominated for the Maya Angelou Book Award!

A Symmetry of Husbands

A Symmetry of Husbands probes the jealousy and betrayal that hide in a life-long friendship. The novel takes its title from a poem read by Douglas Adams at the funeral of his wife Megan, who has died from complications of MS. He also reads, “Grief wrongs us so. I stand, and wait, and cry for the absurd forgiveness, not knowing why.” Abigail, Megan’s friend and caretaker on Boston’s North Shore, has an idea why Douglas might ask for Megan’s forgiveness. It’s the reason Abigail herself might also ask forgiveness of both Megan and of Abigail’s husband, James; neither Megan nor James knew about the affair between Douglas and Abigail. In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, as Abigail grieves for her friend and worries about the dangers of a Trump presidency, she becomes suspicious of the circumstances of her friend’s death. Perhaps Douglas—and Abigail herself—need forgiveness for more than she previously knew.”

For more information about the author or to order books, please visit https://www.patriciaodonnell.org/